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    The kam6Great securitySecurityAct the role of the perfect combination of art and technology

    • Put an end to outsourcing

      Put an end to outsourcing

      By not subcontract、Don't call;Relying on its own design company construction team、Maintenance service center,To the industries with professional customers、High quality one-stop services

    • Quality assurance

      Quality assurance

      In strict accordance with the decorating technology specification and standard constructionThrough quality self-inspection、The absolute、The handover check on strictly。That each project can be a model。

    • Time limit for a project

      Time limit for a project

      The kam,As for the life time!Company personnel、Professional focus,But in a timely manner、Efficient to solve various problems encountered in project;For the quality of the decoration project and time limit for a project provides a strong guarantee。

    • Authentic materials

      Authentic materials

      The company has its own stone mines、Building materials mall,Materials used are from the company's own material,One-stop shopping all authentic brand construction material!

    • Long warranty

      Long warranty

      Industry a year warranty。European jin set up on the basis of the construction quality,A long warranty period—Regular project2Years,Water and electricity and concealed work5Years!Let you have no trouble back at home!

    • After all

      After all

      Through online、400Phone call center,For each customer to provide perfect after-sales service,7*24Hour rapid response,Timely communication,24Hours to submit solutions。

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    AdvantageThe kamEight big advantageCheng Hao eight advantages

    01Industry benchmarking

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    02Double qualifications

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    03Elite team

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    04Green construction

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    05Ruban skill

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    Deductive fashionInterpretation of international fashion
    Inheritance to eternityPass the classics to eternity

    06Original creation process

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    07Mobile tracking

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    Design can changeDesign can be changed
    Decoration is very fashionableDecorative fashion

    08Logistics distribution

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD

    ServiceThe top fiveAService systemCraftsmanship,The perfect choice

    • Efficient team to cooperate

      But we are1+1Again+n
      Each project,By at least
      The two main designer+nPeople
      The team

    • ONE TIMEEffective guarantee

      ONE TIME
      Efficient to complete each phase of the mission
      Ensure no delays by mistake

    • The international office management efficient

      Use the international famous office management system design of planar function design process to ensure reasonable operating companies,Function streamline smoothly,Efficient operation

    • Lighting lighting design space

      The unique lighting design,Synchronization in the space program into superior lighting lighting scene space,And not waste energy

    • The kam equipment to ensure quality

      Efficient to complete the task to ensure no delays the mistake at each stage

    • Effective control and reasonable material

      By controlling the lowest cost than the effective control of cost choose the color、Texture、The texture、Quality is the most reasonable material

    • 5AService

      A1.The world space design kam exclusive design consultantA2.European jin decoration engineering constructionA3.LIVINGDesign brand as supportA4.KINGBIRDArt deserve to act the role of the brandA5.A brand partners signed a line materials,Will enjoy5The professional services

    • Design outstanding team and help each other

      The firstISOImport and strictly carry out the design of the enterprises in China always adhere to the quality work management procedures,The rigorous work attitude euro throughout the whole process of project designers ability outstanding,In the design piece,Team work to complete the design

    • Tracking service

      No matter now or in the future,The kam will carefully evaluate all influencing factors,In a variety of possible solutions based on,Using the most advanced technologies and software allows customers to change the plan at any time,To ensure the maximization of office design flexibility

    • The sole advisorVIPService

      The kam exclusive300%Type office throughout the design process to provide brand consultancy、Marketing consultant、VIPType operating three times as much as writing consultant service to ensure that the enterprise standards、High quality、High profit

    Shanxi jin decoration design co., LTD
    Euro shanxi decoration design co., LTD. Is a collection of indoor and outdoor design、The budget、The construction、Materials in a body's specialized decoration company。Companies engaged in decoration industry for many years,With innovative design、Reasonable quotation,There are a number of independent professional construction team,To ensure that the construction of green environmental protection,Safety culture。 The company is acted on“Advocating freedom,Pursuit of perfection”The design concept,With advanced design concept、A reasonable budget price、The excellent construction technology,In the whole process of the high quality service,Sincere to every customer,Customized brand new、Grace、Comfortable life that occupy the home、Cultural space。

    Cooperation brand

    Cooperative brand

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